Do E Cigarettes Work?

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Do e cigarettes work? This is the common question every smoker has on e-cigs. To find out a suitable answer for this, first, we have to see what an e-cig is? Electronic cigarettes are the real substitute for original cigarettes. They work on a battery and releases vapor on inhalation.

Now the smoker does not have to worry about the bad smell, tar, hazardous chemicals and nicotine, which the original traditional cigarette contains and fulfill the nicotine urge by using e-cig.  Since an electronic cigarette emits only odorless virtual mist or vapor, it is environmental friendly as well. The vapor vanishes into the air within minutes; hence, it does not affect the people around the smoker. Moreover, there is no judicial restriction in using e cigs. It contains no fire or combustion and you can use them in public places like airlines, hospitals or restaurants. There is no danger of causing fire accidents too.


Though e-cigarettes resemble the traditional cigarettes in their appearance and flavor, the best advantage of this magical invention is they are smokeless, odorless and tobacco-free. The most significant part is they are very economical since most of them are reusable while the traditional cigarettes cannot be reused. Nevertheless, the new electronic device doesn't offer any toxins that a traditional cigarette contains. The traditional cigarette contains everything and may result in clogging your veins and blacken your lung. 


An e-cig is a combination of the best and latest technology, which resulted in the invention of this cessation equipment. The technology employed in this device is the vaporization of e-liquid from the power of rechargeable batteries present in it. The atomizer heats up on inhalation and vaporizes the e-liquid leaving mist or vapors containing nicotine.


These revolutionary devices are known to offer effective health benefits by providing clean nicotine devoid of tar, carbon monoxide, and other hazardous chemicals that a traditional cigarette contains. This cessation equipment also saves money too. You can save 60% of money that you spend on cigarettes by switching to e-cigs.  You can also contribute something to this world by switching to non-smoke cigarettes. No doubt, e-cigarettes are eco friendly devices because of no fire or smoke. They are quite safe to be carried around.


So, do e cigarettes work? Yes! They work by saving life, environment, pocket and even your beloved ones around you. You can also delight your beloved ones by choosing flavors like coco, coffee or cherry flavored cartridges.

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Do E Cigarettes Work?

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This article was published on 2012/03/22