Electronic Cigarettes Refills-The Life and Blood of Your E-Cig

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E-cigs are a battery-operated electronic device and a substitute to tobacco smoking. This revolutionary device is very effective for those who want to curb the habit of cigarette smoking. Unlike traditional cigarettes it has no side effects like tar, smoke and smell. On inhalation, the e-liquid that forms a vapor kills the urge of smoking. Electronic cigarettes help prevent dangerous diseases like cancer caused by tobacco smoking.


An e-cig is mostly comprised of three parts; the battery is the longest part and the power unit of the device. It contains a rechargeable battery, the circuit and indicator red light. The atomizer contains a sponge like substance that connects the e-liquid and there is cartridge too. Electronic cigarette refills come in different types of flavored e-juice that the smoker can choose the flavor he or she likes.


The e-cig refills contain either nicotine or other flavored e-liquid. When in use, the e-liquid is vaporized by the atomizer leaving a mist that is inhaled by the smoker. Once the refill is run out, it should be changed or refilled. It is easily available and you can buy it online. While buying, you can choose between a pre-filled cartridge and e-liquid. There are also disposable cartridges that are mostly bought by people who hardly find time to change the cartridge. By making a choice to buy e-liquid, you can save money.


Refilling the cartridge may be a little difficult for the starters. Basically, there are two ways to refill the e-liquid. One is the drip method and another is the injection method. In the drip method, you have to open the cartridge, remove the polyester filling and add a few drops of e-liquid into the cartridge and wait until it gets socked by the fillings. The syringe method, however, is the best method and helps disperse e-liquid uniformly. For that, you have to remove the rubber cap from the cartridge and take e-liquid from the bottle with a syringe and insert the needle of the syringe into the cartridge until it reaches the bottom and then, slowly inject the e-liquid until the cartridge is filled. Once done, you can replace the rubber cap.


Smokers can choose from a list of electronic cigarette refills as they come in flavors like nicotine, menthol, coco, coffee, cherry, apple, etc. If bought online you can get a plenty of deals and discounts on refills. E-cigs are easy to use and healthy too. So, choose your favorite flavor and enjoy a healthy smoke.

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Electronic Cigarettes Refills-The Life and Blood of Your E-Cig

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This article was published on 2012/03/22