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This summer, the area of global health, health care industry leader Kimberly-Clark pioneered the use of the Chinese market Environmental protection Packaging "comfortable and beautiful small Q package" new pad. This natural corn as raw materials to the packaging of personal care products is the first field of biodegradable packaging, Kimberly-Clark is the world's first biodegradable packaging.

This new bag under certain conditions, can be rapid elimination on the natural environment, the degradation rate of three months or more than 20% effective in reducing the white pollution. In addition, degradable packaging, when burned, the carbon dioxide emissions than ordinary Plastic Reduced by about 10% of the positive response to climate warming.

Small Q package the birth of new pad is Kimberly-Clark product innovation in the Chinese market is another successful attempt.

Since 1994 to enter the Chinese market, China Kimberly-Clark Corporation after 10 years of wandering, full recovery since 2004, and average of 40% or more Sell Increase. This intermediate, product innovation is Kimberly important reason for good performance.

Fact, product innovation is the Kimberly-Clark Everlasting nearly 140 years the main driving force.

1920, the Kimberly-Clark introduced the world's first one woman Sanitary napkins , This product is from the First World War developed from the health trauma bandage; in 1924, Kimberly-Clark will be a war within the Army to use the gas mask filter layer into disposable paper handkerchiefs, which is the world's oldest Tissues , The brand name Kleenex (Kleenex) in the tissues as a synonym in English; in 1978, Kimberly-Clark also introduced improved infant Diaper Successfully shaken baby diapers in the field of P & G's dominance. With innovative products, Kimberly-Clark went through a two Great Depression, to avoid the negative growth of corporate profits.

In this round of economic crisis, as China's market demand for paper-based FMCG rigid, Kimberly-Clark China, the company's performance was not affected. Meanwhile, Kimberly-Clark hopes to market innovative products to further strengthen its competitiveness in the Chinese market.

For innovation with fashion colors Such a new biodegradable packaging pad, not only because of Kimberly-Clark environmental protection in China has been a long-term development strategy is based on a consumer survey.

With the growing environmental awareness in China, deeply rooted among the young green consumerism become a way of life. Authoritative data show that 86% of consumers have more interest in recyclable value products.

Kimberly-Clark Corporation seized the young people of China that demand, while for the "Little Q package," the characteristics of specific consumer groups, in the packaging design of innovative integrated into the cowboy element, the concept of environmental protection, green consumption and the perfect integration of modern health concepts.

Do not meet consumer demand for innovation, to a certain extent there is no sense of innovation. Kimberly-Clark, director of corporate development in China, Ms. Tong Mei received the "Manager" magazine interview, said: "Kimberly-Clark's innovation is based on market understanding and consumer insight into the above analysis on the market research to determine the product innovation direction, according to global trends in product-oriented research and development. This is the Kimberly-Clark's innovative cube. "

To keep up with changing consumer demand, Chinese companies were set up to Kimberly-Clark consumer research department to carry out special studies regularly. On this basis, developed and applied for 400 patents, covering personal care products, home care products and packaging products.
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Kimberly-clark's Innovation Cube Innovation Entirely Based On Consumer Demand - Kimberly-clark,

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